DISTANTLANDS TRAVELSERVICESSince 1989, Distant Lands has been serving the needs of travelers. We started out as a Travel Bookstore, specializing in , you guessed it, travel books. Over the years we added  gear, luggage, travel clothing  and even added a travel agency.

So why use Distant Lands as your agency when it seems you could do it all yourself?  We have been working with the traveling public for over 25 years. The excellence of a trip is subjective rather than objective; it is what best fulfills the traveler’s desires and needs. That requires tailoring trips that meet each individual’s preferences and needs. An online booking site, by its nature, is focused on optimizing sales and minimizing personal interaction, rather than focusing on personalized service to best enrich the experience for the traveler. Even with something as simple as booking a hotel, we can provide valuable amenities not readily included online. Tailoring a custom experience — and making the best choices — is far more complex than online travel shopping provides. The more complex the trip, the more that’s true. A  professional travel consultant will have access to options you may not readily find online, guide your choice based on your personal requirements, and be your advocate during and after your trip, as needed.

At Distant Lands, we can help with all your travel arrangements. Visit our Travel Desk for tours, cruises, car, hotel, airline and rail reservations.

Travel for the Individual