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Drive Yourself to 7 Great Cities in Germany

When it comes to driving destinations, Germany has to be one of the top places that comes to mind. The Autobahn is famous for its lack of speed limits, but as one of Europe’s largest countries, Germany also boasts kilometer after kilometer of scenic backcountry driving, as well. In March, Auto Europe, one of the leading global car rental agencies, divulged the 7 top destinations for traveling motorists in Germany:

#7 Nuremberg
The city is known for malty red-beer and a maze of sandstone cellars, Nuremberg’s now revived urban center is perfectly situated between Frankfurt & Munich making it an easily accessible driving destination.

# 6 Stuttgart
Stuttgart is a top-notch European city filled with amazing architecture, culture, dining, and art. It’s also home to the Cannstatter Volksfest an ideal spot to enjoy traditional German Oktoberfest celebrations with less tourist traffic.

# 5 Hamburg
This charming port town and Germany’s second largest city, Hamburg offers travelers much to do & see and its location makes it the perfect launching off point for a European road trip.

#4 Dusseldorf
Recognized as the center of German advertising and fashion, Dusseldorf has a lively energy that offers an exciting nightlife, fun carnivals, shopping, and trade fairs. From Dusseldorf, travelers can easily drive to explore Belgium and the Netherlands as well as other locations along the Rhine River.

#3 Berlin
A global city of politics, media, culture and science, Berlin is home to some of the world’s most fascinating historic attractions, culturally significant monuments, and modern amenities.

#2 Frankfurt
Located along Germany’s acclaimed Fairy Tale Road, Wine Route and one of the oldest touring roads in the world the Romantic Road, it’s no surprise North American travelers choose Frankfurt as a top self-drive destination!

#1 Munich
The gateway to some of the most stunning landscape in the world, the Bavarian capital of Munich is host to the world’s largest Oktoberfest. The self-drive adventures are virtually limitless from Munich on a journey through the awe- inspiring Bavarian Alps, or to the area’s storybook villages & castles are all within an easy day’s drive.

No matter how long or short your vacation, or which part of Germany you’re visiting, there are plenty of amazing opportunities to hit the road. There are just a couple of things to keep in mind, though. Automatic transmissions are relatively rare in Europe, so if you can’t drive a stick shift, you’ll have fewer choices and pay more to rent a car. And, Germany’s driving laws and customs sometimes differ greatly from the U.S. A good source for basic driving advice is the website of the U.S. embassy in Germany.

Hiking the Rhine Valley 4 Days/3 Nights Departs Daily with Avanti

Rüdesheim am Rhein is one of the famous wine making
towns along the Middle Rhine Valley, with a romantic hillside setting on one of the more scenic parts of the river. It makes a good base for
hiking in this beautiful region. Rolling hills and great views.
Rudesheim am Rhine
Day 1 ~ Arrive Rüdesheim:
The town sits on the east bank of the Rhine. Find your hotel, the 4-star Rüdesheimer Schloss, near the main road along the river. You’ll receive a welcome cocktail when you check in. Rüdesheim has a charming old town, particularly the Drosselgasse, a walking street, easily reachable from your hotel. Explore the shops and cafes of this charming town, but be sure to return to your hotel for the Four-Course Dinner this evening.


Day 2 ~Rüdesheim:
After breakfast, pick up your walking sticks and backpack,
and get ready to explore the many options for hiking. One of the best is the Rheinsteg, an almost 200-mile trail on
the east side of the Rhine. To head north, take the cable car from Rüdesheim up to the Niederwald Monument above
the town, where you can join the trail. It leads along the vine-covered hills, with many great views of the river. You’ll
pass the ruins of Ehrenfels Castle before the path leads down to the charming riverfront village of Assmannshausen. The trail crosses several small valleys before you can enjoy another classic view
of the Rhine at the Drei-Burgen-Blick viewpoint. From there, you can take an afternoon Rhine River boat back to
Rüdesheim—the boat ride takes about 1 ½ hours, or you can come back morequickly by train. This hike is about 14 miles long, and will take about 7 hours.
Day 3 ~Rüdesheim:
After breakfast, you have options: you could take a morning
train or boat from Rüdesheim to Lorch, and continue hiking the Rhine 3Reinsteg as far as the town of Kaub. Much of this walk
will be along the Rhine river, with views of Bacharach on the other side and of Burg Stahleck Castle which sits above the town. Another option is to take the cable car up to the Niederwald again and headsouth on the Rheinsteg. This section of the trail leads through vineyards towards the Abbey of St. Hildegard, founded bythe legendary Hildegard of Bingen. The trail also takes you past two other abbeys to Schloss Johannisberg, one of the most famous wine-making estates in Germany and the main producer of Johannisberger Riesling. This hike is about 7 miles and
will take about 3 hours; however, it is about a half-hour’s walk from the trail to the Johannisberg estate, if you choose to visit.
Afterwards, descend the hill to the town of Geisenheim, where you can catch a train for the short trip back to Rüdesheim. In the late afternoon, enjoy a wine tasting at Georg Breuer Winery, located a short distance from your hotel, on Geisenheimer Strasse. Founded in 1880, the family-run Breuer estate produces excellent and well-known Rieslings.


Day 4 ~Depart Rüdesheim:
After breakfast at your hotel, take a last look around the town before you hop the train to your next Avanti destination!
If you are interested in more information please contact Susan Hickman at 626 449-3220 or email susan@distantlands.com